Why 99% of My Couples Do a First Look

I could not be a bigger fan of doing a first look.

First off, just to confirm:

A “First Look” is the moment a bride and groom see each other for the first time on their wedding day, a few hours before the ceremony.

It’s an intimate experience for the couple – with only the photographer nearby to capture it.

In most wedding traditions, yes, usually the first look is at the ceremony itself. I understand the appeal. I hear ya but, as a wedding and elopement photographer, I feel obligated to share my thoughts on this modern tradition.

In fact, almost 100% of my couples do a First Look. And are damn glad they did.

Here’s why.

Why the First Look is More Intimate

The first look is a more intimate experience. At the ceremony, all eyes are on you and your soon-to-be spouse, which can be nerve wracking.

Nerves often make you repress and withdraw your reactions.

As a wedding photographer, I usually get the most authentic reactions with couples who do a First Look. Without crowds, you can relish the most real reactions.

Why You Should Do A First Look

Daylight for Great Wedding Photos

Time on your wedding day flies. A First Look grants more time during the day for photos instead of rushing to get all the desired photos after the ceremony before the sunsets.

This is ESPECIALLY important for couples getting married in the fall and winter when sunsets are early.

A First Look Means More Time with Wedding Guests

Loved ones have come to celebrate you and your new spouse. If you take photos post-ceremony, that’s less time with friends and family.

First Look

Attend Your Wedding Cocktail Hour

Your wedding combines both sides’ closest family and friends; let’s be honest, it’s unlikely this group will be at the same place and time again.

To harp on the last point, make the most of it: Attend your wedding cocktail hour!

Maximize Wedding Time with Bridal Party Portraits Done

I have the bridal party on standby after the First Look. After your moment together, we tackle their photos, so they’re done and out of the way.

Then, they can enjoy cocktail hour, too! They will thank you for this!

Plus, I know you’ve invested a lot into your wedding photos; let’s make the most of it by getting ready a little early and knocking out some more photos after the first look.

Why a First Look = A Smoother Wedding Photographer Timeline

With many photos out of the way, you’ll enjoy a smoother wedding timeline.

Less rush. Less wedding stress.

How to Have Overall Less Stress at Wedding Ceremony

The wedding plans give you a lot to think about, right? This anxiety may be amplified on your wedding day.

There’s a lot going on; it’s so easy to get swept up and be overwhelmed.

The First Look is the perfect way to see your soon-to-be spouse and remember why you’re getting married in the first place. A reminder you get to spend your life with your favorite person! A little elopement moment on your wedding day.

You’ll go into the wedding ceremony feeling more relaxed in in the moment.  

Chat with a San Diego Photographer Who LOVES First Look Weddings

As a San Diego photographer, who traverses the planet as a destination wedding and elopement photographer, I’ve seen case after case of why to do a First Look.

There are just so many benefits, my friends.

If you’d like to learn more about doing a first look at your wedding, shoot me a message.


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