Leah & Anthony | Audrey’s Farmhouse Wedding

I’m so excited to finally blog this September wedding in upstate New York. It was featured on the Venue Report HERE

I want to just express the importance of picking a solid getting ready location. Leah & Anthony’s story is a perfect example. Almost half of your wedding gallery will be shot at your getting ready location. The Air BnB or hotel you pick should represent your style, aesthetics of your wedding and also have enough available light.  On this couples wedding day mother nature decided to POUR. We are very lucky that The Audrey’s Farmhouse was so well decorated… I think it really makes the gallery all that it is. I love it so much that I might want to marry David here one day! Any who… my point being…you never know what is going to happen to the beauty of your ceremony site if it rains. In Leah & Anthony’s case they had to make a last min decision to throw up a tent. Sadly the tent had poles going all the way down the middle isle and duck tape along the roof. It may have put a little hindrance on the photography but it certainly didn’t ruin their day. These little hiccups on your wedding day are really what make it so unique. Love stories like this are what I live for!

Tell us a little about the wedding you shot. 

Leah & Anthony wanted something simple, as they put it…” we don’t do elaborate”. Both of the venues they choose were cozy and tucked away outside of city limits. There were about 75 guests, 2 dogs and a whole lot of craft beers… oh and bourbon!


Audrey’s Farmhouse Bed & Breakfasts is simply incredible. The small 5 bedroom house was built in the 1740’s and is complete with many of it’s original doors! Getting ready at Audrey’s just made sense, with 5 bedrooms they were able to host their closest friends and have them there in the morning for the homemade breakfast (see more in food/eat). Sally the owner is a self taught interior designer who has made the house into an art piece, every corner of the house has so much character.

Gorgeous hardcover books and Pendleton textiles are in abundance. Anthony & Leah chose tuthilltown because they had the venue size needed, they were affordable in comparison with other local venues, they were extremely accommodating with the food and beverages they wanted, and the machinery from the mill made it personal for Anthony (being a mechanic).

What is the beautiful couple’s story? 

Leah & Anthony spent 5 years together with their dogs in hudson valley NY. They both are very outdoorsy people and enjoy growing their own veggies and eating organic.



What makes this venue stand out from the crowd? 
Both venues are surrounded by incredible picture worthy locations. We were able to go get craft brews, break into abandoned greenhouses, and have the couple frolic through fall leafs all within a 15 mins radius. Mohonk preserve is highly recommended for bridal portraits. It’s a state reserve with thousands of acres and endless possibilities. Her mom and stepdad went out in the rain that morning to pick wildflowers for her bouquet. When her mom walked in with the colorful bouquet my mouth dropped! I couldn’t believe she picked everything off the side of the road!


Did you eat or drink anything memorable? 
Audrey’s farmhouse bed & breakfast serves an elaborate and beautiful plated meal. The best part about it is that Sally & Doug  (the owners) wake up early in the morning, put on their denim jackets and hunter boots and cook up an amazing meal. Complete with hash potatoes, eggs topped with sage, and eclectic bowl of fresh fruit. They also leave out local cider donuts. The Hudson Valley cider donuts are to DIE FOR. I’m already dreaming about my next wedding up there… they can pay me in donuts I swear. The couple loved the bourbon served at tuthill and even opted in for a bourbon toast instead of champagne.


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