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Last week I had the opportunity to fly to Florida to photograph a wedding. I was able to schedule a few play days for myself. It was exactly what I need, a 2 day vacation away from my urban lifestyle. Doug took me out on the Alifia river on his motorized canoe! We decided to go park the boat underneath I75 and climb up onto the pillars to drink some of the Sangria that Melody Murphy made (best sangria I’ve ever had). While Doug and I were out there the first day, 4-5 dolphins decided to hang out under I75 with us for about an hour or two! ( I didn’t have my camera). I was able to get a great video clip of one of the dolphins hunting! He came up with a bloody fish in his mouth about 3-4 feet away from us. It was the coolest thing ever to see wild dolphins practically hunting at our feet! We went out the second day with my camera and were not as lucky! I don’t think anything could have compared to those moment sitting up on those pillars. Easily one of the best memories i’ll carry with me. We left the bridge and then headed to the Beer Shed, a bar that you can pull your boat up to and have a beer. When we got to the bar we were pretty hungry and you will never guess what kind of food they were serving out of a food truck. THAI FOOD! Thai food = Gold.  The entire two days were such a mentally recharging experience and I thought I would share the last bits of summer I soaked up in 2015. 


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