Krista & Daniel’s intimate wedding

I met Krista and Daniel at Toasted, a bridal bizarre for the unique and untraditional bride. Right off the bat I was like WHOA… who are these two incredibly stylish and poised people. I was lucky enough to book them that next month!  Krista and I share a love for Turquoise, she owns an adorable boutique called Hand Meets Sky and hand picks all her own inventory. Go check her out and stock up on your stones. Krista and Daniel can totally impact a room by just walking in; it was surprising when I found out how incredibly shy they were in front of the camera! Krista did just fine by expressing her nervousness via laughter and smiles. It was pretty impossible to get a bad picture when the two of them just laughed and held each other tight. Their wedding took place at Jayne Gastro Pub, an intimate British eatery located in North Park. This restaurant is a HIDDEN GEM of San Diego, I highly recommend it ( and I eat out A LOT). It’s family owned with a beautiful back patio with brick flooring, lit by marketing lighting, and with a romantic ambience.  I’m over the moon that I was able to photograph the first wedding at Jaynes. After Krista slipped into her gown by Rue De Seine, which she picked up at The Dress Theory , I headed over to the wedding venue. I thought the day couldn’t get any better, but when I arrived to the venue I found a stunning bouquet tha Lace & Likes was wrapping in ribbon. DREAM VENDORS! Be sure to check out Lace & Likes/ Siren Floral if you’re in the process of planning your wedding. Rachel who is the owner of Lace & Likes helped me stylize the stationary done by Studio Von Berg .  It’s so refreshing to see intimate weddings with killer vendors! There are some things that you just have to invest in! Krista and Daniel were pretty adamant about keeping it a small intimate wedding to be celebrated and shared amongst their closest friends. It may have been a small guest list but people flew in from Paris, NYC and all over to be with them. They shared a standing ceremony on the back patio and had everyone join in on a group prayer. It’s weddings like these that keep me in the industry. Thanks Krista & Daniel for having me be apart of your incredible evening.

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