Haley & Allyn | Seattle Engagement Session


I bursted out into dance in the middle of my living room when Haley & Allyn asked me to fly up to Seattle for their engagement session. I’ve been wanting to visit Seattle after getting my first taste of the PNW a few weeks ago in Portland.  I can tell you that David and I have been to the beach 2 times this year, it’s totally embarrassing when you take for granted the environment you live in.  The grass may not always be greener on the other side… but the PNW definitely is. I’ve been thinking about moving north ever since my visit. I’m inspired by the mineral hues, dewy ground and muted skies. There is just a moodiness and romantic feeling while being cozy and bundled up beneath the pines.  David and I checked into the cutest AirBnB  at Lake Alice… the price was perfect and they even had a paddle boat for guests to use. Which we did… even in 40 degree weather. haha. Haley & Allyn adventured around with us all day and we were able to see, Snoqualmie  (Sno-Qual-May) Falls, Franklin Falls, George Town and even the city! We dogged the rain most of the day but I wouldn’t have expected anything different from Seattle’s weather. My favorite part of the session was when we were leaving the waterfalls and TLC “don’t go chasing waterfalls” came on. David and I almost peed ourselves from laughter. Haley & Allyn will be getting married in San Diego at the Coronado Community Center next year.  It’s safe to say they feel more comfortable being in front of my lens now. Something about losing our car, running from rain, drinking beer, and chasing light really bonds people together. By the time their wedding rolls around next year I expect us to grow closer as friends. I do my best work when I feel connected with my clients and when my clients feel comfortable with me.

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