Five Tips for Bridal Boudoir Sessions

Bridal Boudoir Session



I love bridal boudoir sessions. Us girls have it hard! It’s not fair all that we are expected to do and be in today’s society. Its moments like these where we get to celebrate and bask in the fun of being a women! I get that being in front of the camera can be awkward. But being in front of the camera half naked is on another level. Here are some tips to make the session fun and flawless.

Thats right, A little liquid encouragement can really lighten the nerves, both for me and you! Heck, pour me a glass too. There is nothing better than celebrating the fact that we are women with a little lingerie and some Veuve Clicquot. Plus the champagne glass in some of the shots really screams, I’m a classy b*tch!

Whether it’s your mum or your bestie, feel free to bring someone along.It’s nice to have someone fix those dang fly aways and make sure your ladies are perked up. Plus a friend will give you their honest opinion on poses and looks, of course I will too …but your girlfriend might be more to the point. If someone can join you to make you giggle and feel more comfortable please bring them along.

I can’t stress this enough, you want a space that is LIT UP! The more natural light the better. We want white sheets, simple walls, and windows for days. The natural light can really make or break a session. My favorite hotels for boudior sessions are: Hyatt Mission Bay, Kimpton Palomar Hotel, US Grant, & Hardrock Hotel. These hotels have the best and most simple aesthetic and make for a great boudoir sessions. The Hyatt at Mission Bay has an incredible sheer curtain around their corner suite beds. If you want to save some money be sure to ask me about local lifestyle studios.

Beyonce, Beyonce, Beyonce. Enough said.

What makes you feel your best? For me it’s being confident. What you wear will play a huge factor in how you feel. Be sure to pick something your comfortable in and match a pair of simple heels for each outfit, the heels add a little length to your legs and really make a huge difference. Feel free to also bring your veil and jewelry to play with.  Here are a few of my favorite places to pick up sexy little numbers: For Love & Lemons, Nasty GalCosabella, Free People, and Between The Sheets,

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