Our Engagement Party

Where do I even start!?! Our engagement party was soo unbelievably beautiful. Complete with moonlit disco balls, signature cocktails, glitter everywhere, candles roaring, and friendship… the most important ingredient for a perfect party.  I’ve never felt so loved in my entire life!  There were so so so many people that I wanted to thank during our speech but apparently i’m actually not that great of a public speaker lol.  At the bottom of this blog everyone who helped is listed. To everyone that came out (all 70 of you!) I am floored by your unwavering support in David and I’s relationship.
We didn’t hire a photographer (WTF was I thinking) so this is a modge podge of photos that I did between hair and makeup and what Frank Vinyl captured before guest arrived.



Signature Cocktails- Andrew Larson 

Thank you hosting a tasting, creating the best goddamn cocktails, brining Kendall and doing my dishes all day. I can’t thank you both enough

for the hustle and the amazing hospitality you brought to our party!  Everyone was blown away by you guys… even my Dad! lol

Chef Brittany Killion

Thank you for giving all my guest a reason to love our party even more. People still won’t shut up about the food, especially those Moroccan meatballs. You’re the best!

Specialty Produce

Thank you for comping our bill and providing us with beautiful edible flowers for the cocktails!

Frost Me Gourmet Cupcakes 

Thank you for your extremely generous donation and your beautiful desert table. We ate cake for a week straight and our friends and family raved about your gluten free selection.

Milk Punch- Sammy Peters & Stephen K 

You two, where do I even start!? Thank you from the bottom of my heart. The flower ice cubes, the grocery runs, bar help, the support, everything. I love you both!

FloristBlooms By Breesa Lee 

Simply my favorite arrangements of alll time and they were for me! WTF- i’m so lucky. Thank you for gifting the florals. Thank you for setting up with Frank in the heat and for bringing ME to heaven. I’m so lucky to call you a friend.

Coined Veil turned Turban- The Dress Theory San Diego 

You gifting me a coined veil for some reason made me realize HOLLY SHIT this is really happening. Thank you for your generosity and adding that little coin detail I needed for outfit two ;p

Witty Rentals 

Thank you for your donation and patience as I picked my favorite pieces

Adore Folklore

Thank you for the extra sparkle and discount!

Amigo Booth 

Thank you for the industry discount and for sending out Scott, we loved him!

Calligraphy- Samantha Akers 

For the beautiful calligraphy and helping at the craft party!

MakeupLindsey Jones 

Thank you for making me feel like I was the best version of me! Your honesty and therapy during my makeup session is so adored. Thank you for helping me make the backdrop and for always being a loyal friend.

Hair – Amber Kelley

Thank you for touching me up and for making my hair full and beautiful!

Jackie Bell 

For donating your wedding leftovers and helping at the craft party!

Jess & Tay 

Thank you for making a beautiful cheese board!

Stylizing- Frank Vinyl 

Thank you for stylizing the entire party decor while I hid from the heat! I can’t thank you enough for all that you did for us that day and at the craft party. We are so lucky to have some pictures and for your friendship.

Olivia English 

For everything you did for us. The tassels, helping me pick fabric, sewing,  the beautiful cookies, meeting to scheme, and helping me crack into the champagne. This party was not possible without you. I love you.



Who came to the crafting party, our family for helping set up,  and just everyone who came out to support us. Many of you traveled from far places to come celebrate with us. I barley had time to talk to anyone so i’m already thinking of ways we can meet up and drink together. ;p  I love you all.

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