Consider a Destination Engagement Session if…

I’m stoked more and more couples are doing destination engagement sessions.

A destination engagement session gives your hard-working self a much needed getaway and reduced stress on your wedding day.

 As a destination photographer, I see how destination engagement sessions create more comfortable weddings.

Quality Time with Your Wedding Photographer

As a San Diego photographer (and beyond), I’ve seen there’s nothing worse than feeling awkward on your wedding day. Especially when it come to taking photos with your photographer.

When you know the person behind the lens, your engagement session becomes a more fun experience. You’ll feel more at ease knowing I got your back on your wedding day, and I’m familiar with all your good angles 😉 .  

I recommend using the getaway session to dispel the awkward. Tell it adios.

Let’s grab a cocktail (or 2…) and get familiar with each other and a new place whether it’s a Washington engagement session, getaway in Zion or otherwise!

You will feel super comfortable on the wedding day.

I’ll know who you are as beautiful, individual souls and as one bad @$$ couple.

A Destination Session Means the Best Wedding Photos


A destination engagement session lets me get to know you and your unique bodies.

Each couple is different; they interact differently. Having ample time to get to know you both during your engagement session allows us to maximize the limited time on your wedding day.  

I’ll get familiar with anything you may be self conscious about, while also learning what we can work on.


Your Engagement Session Has a Story Line

A destination engagement session = Photos that tell a story.

Hate those cheesy photos you see on Pinterest? A story line eliminates the cheese from your session.

Rather than run to an engagement session to after work or between errands (sweaty, stressed…), the immersive experience means an authentic, overarching story.

For example, as a San Diego photographer, I have seen folks rush to the beach. Look for parking. Change outfits to beat the sunset.

As a Washington photographer, as well, I’ve seen folks run from Seattle – buzzing from a whole lot of coffee! Trying to beat the traffic. Try and choose the right outfits amid rain.

This is a chance to be less rushed and allow a story to develop.


How to Get Away with Your Fiancé

It’s easy to get caught up in wedding planning and daily life, right?

Going to experience a Washington engagement session, Palm Springs getaway shoot or otherwise, gives time to focus on your partner and enjoy your wedding journey.

It will help you remember why you choose to get married and refresh your intimacy.

Must See Location Ideas for Destination Engagement Sessions

Choose an engagement session location that speaks to you both. Maybe you love forest and mountain – a Washington destination may be perfect. Perhaps you crave a more exotic location, involving the beach and margaritas.

As a predominant San Diego photographer and Washington photographer, some of my favorites are in those areas, while others are farther off. Some of my recommendations include:



– San Miguel de Allende

-Sequoia National Forest

-Malibu Beach



-Olympic National Forest

-Colchuck Lake

-Cannon Beach

-Iceland (Straight up, I have a special heart for Iceland; it’s where I got engaged!)


If there is a specific vibe or location you’re looking for, let me know. Whether you seek a Washington engagement session or get engagement photos in Iceland, let’s discuss options.


This session was taken at Mount Rainier & Paradise Hotel

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