Catherine & Morgan- San Francisco Wedding

After doing nearly 300 weddings in my career as a wedding photographer I have to say that Catherine & Morgan did it right. Their inquiry sounded something like this: “Hey, wanna witness our union at SF city hall (AKA heaven), walk around San Francisco, hit up dive bars in China Town and take candid photos of us all day?”

UMM … YASSS. I do and I did! It’s one of the best decisions of my career. Not only because these rad pictures are one for the books but also because I had the privilege of becoming friends with this unique and authentic couple from the south. Catherine has the most darling Alabama accent ( and obviously killer hair) and Morgan is a charming gentleman with great taste. During our consult they discussed their dreams of getting a VW fixer upper, ditching adult life and traveling the United States. Both of them value art and photography. Morgan plans to document his travel with Catherine and curate stories of their adventures together ( they did end up getting that VW!). I seriously can’t wait to see what these two do once Morgan is out of the military. I’m deeply touched by their love and this fun day in SF with them talking about our mutual love for New Orleans and craftman style houses. There is something about gathering only a few family members and/or friends and doing a destination wedding. The entire vibe is so different then a wedding… it’s well, intimate and emotional. I highly recommend ditching your 150 guest count for a destination wedding.

Things to adore about this wedding:

They had their first dance along side a 60+ person zumba class, jk… kinda. It’s Pictured.

They fed each other a cupcake at Miette

Her Saphire ring

They made fortune cookies for each other and then opened them

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