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Engagement Ring Inspo – For the Untraditional Bride

I would say 9 x out of 10 my brides hinted previously at what they wanted to see in that pretty little box. After all, WE have to wear it for the rest of our lives so why shouldn’t we have some input? This doesn’t mean that i’m not a huge sucker for surprises because I am! I always encourage couples to ring shop a year+ before they are planning on being engaged. Give him an idea of what you want whether that means popping into some jewelers or simply sending him… the Pinterest board (GUILTY)! But seriously ladies no need to feel ashamed, most couples have shopped previously before the big question was popped. Incase you still don’t know what you want, here is some ring inspo for engagement season. My taste is typically less traditional so these rings are for the unique and untraditional bride. *None of the images below are mine


For the well traveled and eclectic bride
I love Caitlin’s designs.  I literally want this ring one day (i’m ahead of myself) ! She’s not afraid to combine different diamond shapes and incorporate colors.
The way the diamonds are shaped and are stacked really elongates fingers; good for any girl with chub chub fingers like me haha.


For the refined & feminine bride
The first time I saw a Kataoka piece was on a concierge in NYC. I freaked out about how stunning it was on her hand.
Probably the thinnest band I’ve ever seen for a diamond ring. The rings are so intricate but incredibly refined and delicate as well.

For the modern and untraditional bride
I die every time a new custom ring pops on up on instagram feed from Minerology.
What I like most about these beautiful one of a kind engagement rings is their
tribute to metal work. Theresa, the designer from Chicago is an incredible metal smith.

Minerology Engagement Ring
For the mod and stylish bride 
Another Chicago based jeweler, Lindsay Lewis has a die hard fan in me.  Her work is edgy and has absolutely no rules or bounds.
I love the way she frames the diamond but still leaves negative space around the diamond.

Lindsay Lewis

For the elegant statement bride 
Of course I couldn’t leave Heidi Gibson out. Her rings are iconic in the wedding industry and
have made waves amongst brides to be.  I love how she can take a vintage design and make it
fresh and feminine.

Heidi Gibson


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