Moving in Together: What to Expect

I LOVEEE at home session. Especially for maternity shoots. Lindsey and Luke invited us into their University Heights home where they patiently awaited their first born.

Take note on the beautiful textiles made by Folk Project…easily my favorite San Diego home decor businesses.


Moving in together is almost as nerve racking as saying “I do”. There’s a lot of changes that will occur and a lot of re-arranging your lives to better coexist. Moving in with your significant other is always going to be hard, but with the negative always comes the positive. So what is it like moving in with the opposite sex for the first time? Here are a couple things you need to expect when moving in with your other half:

  1. Things are no longer just “yours”. Say goodbye to expecting your things to be where they always are. Most likely things will get moved around, used when not expected or possibly even lost. This will take a lot of communication and understanding between you two to not get on each others nerves. If you come from a big family already this might be easy to understand but only children.. look out. This ones especially for you.
  2. You will have to coordinate when your friends come over. Nothing worse than having a girls night planned out only to find yourself Sunday night surrounded by a bunch of rowdy men watching the “big fight”. You will definitely have to coordinate and make sure you both have an understanding or agreement as to whats going on. Also giving your new “roomie” a heads up when someone comes over will be nice.
  3. No matter how long you have been together, you will definitely find out new things about each other. There are weird little details you never knew existed. Let your imagination run wild. Somethings are plain weird and kind of endearing while others may be just plain gross.
  4. You will definitely have to learn how to communicate. When you are living with someone you love, it’s easy to get upset and annoyed at every little thing like the clothes being thrown on the floor instead of the hamper or the toilet seat being left up. Expect to get angry often but always remember to never go to bed upset.
  5. Brunch will be one of your favorite pass times. Even though you live together, you both might be so busy doing your own thing that you have no time to hang out. Brunch will be your favorite time to take your time and hang out with the person you love.

Now heres a couple of things that are awesome about moving in together:

  1. You don’t have to “go home” to change or shower after a great date anymore. You can now crash on your own couch and wake up with your favorite person.
  2. You don’t have to worry about getting hurt and no one being there to help you. Also, your parents will definitely call you less knowing there is now someone else there to make sure you are alright.
  3. Cooking becomes instantly more fun
  4. Can’t find socks? Steal his!
  5. You get to come home to, fall asleep with and wake up to your best friend every single day . Now thats pretty awesome.


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