What my Promo Video Taught me

At last, My promo video photos! A huge thanks to the team that helped me film my first video to represent my brand! These are the shots I was taking of a couple while I was being filmed to demonstrate how I work with my couples.

It was extremely humbling to be on the other end of the lens. It made me remember how nerve wrecking it can be. Yikes, I am the queen of awkwardness!  None the less, we had a great time running around 3rd Space on Park Blvd filming how I work with my couples. I kept asking myself, “what do I want my couples to know?”, and wrote a script to remember for the day we filmed. After we were finished I realized that it didn’t represent me at all because it was orchestrated, stiff and… lets face it, fake.

We are redoing portions of the video with voiceovers in a more candid and conversational tone. If there is anything I want my couples to know, it’s that i’m human too!  I am not a corporate company up charging and outsourcing or pretending that i’m something i’m not. I am a small business owner who works in a creative field and plays by my own rules!

When I put my couples in front of the lens I don’t want them to fake or portray someone they are not, I don’t want to over pose my couples or have our session seem stiff. The moment you book me you have invested not only into my art, but also my trust. The relationship between a couple and their photographer is CRUCIAL. If you’re on my calendar for 2016, i’ve probably already added you on Facebook and Instagram, I do this because I want to know who you are, what you like to do, and how you are together and seperately. I can’t do my job to represent your love if we don’t bond prior to the wedding in some way shape or form. This is why most of my clients become my friends… yes I said it.

I have previously feared the fine line between a business relationship and a friendship with my couples. I fear that thin line because when I first started this industry, many seasoned photographers expressed their deep unwillingness to become friends with their clients. They warned me and discouraged me to do so. But over time, I realized that it’s what works best for me and the way I want to run my business.

What I do is a very intimate and authentic thing, I tell stories and move people through visual representation. In order to tell the story correctly, I have to be apart of it in some way or understand it.  Cheers to authenticity and friendship, the two components that create breath taking album!

Wedding Vendors:

Florist- Blooms By Breesa Lee

Wedding Dress- The Dress Theory

Makeup & Hair- Meghen Lord Beauty

Custom Furniture- Folk Project

Venue- 3rd Space

Videographer- Sean Horton Visuals


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